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Introduction Discover Alton Jane Austen
We produce a small range of products which are sold through local outlets: Porter’s News, Mainly Framing, Alton Library, Curtis Museum, Allen Gallery, Jane Austen’s House Museum and Chawton House Library. We currently have two ranges: Discover Alton and Jane Austen, both designed for tourists, visitors, residents and businesspeople to buy, all helping to promote Alton. We invite you to click on the images above to see more about each range. We often add new products to our ranges as well as producing the annual Discover Alton calendar and related postcards. In 2013 we hope to produce a book picturing Alton’s many events, perhaps also one devoted solely to the calendar images, and make some of the photographs available as prints. The sales of these products is used to help fund the town centre festivals we run and contribute to the Chamber’s running expenses. At present we don’t sell our products online, but if you can’t find a stockist of a particular item, please get in touch.