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Alton College is one of only a handfull of FE colleges in the country listed by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’, so as a result it attracts students from all over the country and from abroad. Alton Chamber of Commerce & Industry wanted to recognise and contribute towards the achievements of the college by offering a scholarship to students through the Alton College Foundation.

The Chamber started its scholarship in 2005 as a two-year grant for each scholar. In 2011 this became a one-year scholarship for students in their second year of their two-year courses.  In 2014 the foundation is altering the way the scholarships are offered, but essentially we and all the other sponsors will be continuing to offer similar scholarships.

Here are pictures of the scholars that we have sponsored:

2012 ACCI scholar: Kate Jobson 2013 ACCI Scholar: Rebecca Walsh-Smith
2012: Kate Jobson (Business)
with ACCI President Andy Goodall
2013: Rebecca Walsh-Smith (Business)
with ACCI Vice-President Sanya Ward
2008-09 ACCI scholar: Sam Nicholson 2011 ACCI scholar: Hester Watson
2008-09: Sam Nicholson (Engineering)
with ACCI President Mike Baker
2011: Hester Watson (Business)
with ACCI President Pat Lerew
2005-06 ACCI Scholar: Michelle Barlow 2006-07 ACCI scholar: Nye Redman-White 2007-08 ACCI scholar: James Derwent
Michelle Barlow
with ACCI President
Mike Baker
Nye Redman-White
with ACCI President
Mike Baker
James Derwent
with ACCI President
David Gay